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Creating vibrant and unique artworks
for posters, clothing,
and merchandise

Creating a wide variety of designs, IAW studios ( illumination artworks ) produces images
available on merchandise from t-shirts, stickers, posters, and more.
Our products are available on redbubble and new designs are updated frequently.

Vibrant designs

Colourful and vibrant designs, many of our
designs come in different colour variations.

Fast delivery

Redbubble produce your unique items fast
and ship them to you quickly.

Various merchandise

Our artworks are available as posters, t-shirts, stickers even phone cases, and more.

iaw studios clothing


Our artworks are available on a wide range of clothing, from t-shirts to hoodies. Browse our designs on a range of clothing items with various design colour variations and different coloured clothing.


Many of our designs at iaw studios are available as posters, canvas prints, and stickers. Available in different sizes to suit your home or needs.

iaw studios prints
iaw studios products


IAW studios designs are available on a range of other products, including items for the home such as mugs, coasters, pillows. Our designs are also available on phone cases along with other products.

Athena The Spear Shaker - Sapphire
Athena The Spear Shaker – Sapphire
Moloch and the New World Order

Stellar Dragonfly – Blue/Green/Violet

Stellar Dragonfly design both in stand-alone illustration and a repeated pattern on some items. Blue/Green/Violet version.

Beautiful Butterfly – Gold

Beautiful Butterfly artwork with a metallic three-dimensional effect. the design is avalible in various colours.

COTA- Space Man ( Children of the Aliens )

The Aliens playing pranks on an astronaut. Part of the COTA range. Children of the Aliens.

iaw studios banner

Discover a range of designs
and products

Visit the IAW studios designs page on redbubble to view all our current designs over a range of products.
Follow us on redbubble to keep up to date with the latest designs.