What do we see as sacred
In this day and age
A newborns first touch
A meeting with a wise and old sage

A starlit sparkling sky
Jewels in black above ancient trees
A declaration of love
With sparkling stone on bended knee

But a newborns first moments
life Depends on where it is born
Starvation, disease, and war
Sacred innocence is torn

Meeting with a sage is very rare
And wisdom eludes those in power
As they feed us lies through a screen
Which we absorb hour after hour

The shimmering heavens above
Out of our destructive reach
Yet ancient forests torn asunder
Where the shamans used to teach

Is love anymore elusive
Than it has ever been
People not knowing their inner depths
Before giving shattered egos to another being

But everything is sacred
If we make it so
This existance is a sacred journey A
work in progress as we grow

Being in the moment
Realities nakedness does bloom
Things once hidden right beneath our nose
A new perception we must groom

Away from the traps of ego
And chaos of the mind
In stillness life is as it truly is
New sight and beauty we do find

Sensitivity is heightened
A rawness in how we feel
but do not fear and retreat to your mind
Focus on your breath and keep it real

If we collectively all did this
We all would truly see
Beauty in every moment
Beings just wanting to be free

Free from egos control
Free from suffering and pain
Free to love and help eachother
Free from darknesses chains

But what is it this darkness
Where does it come from
Sucking in light like a black hole
Only emitting all that seems wrong

Fear, suffering, greed, hatred
Reflections of what seem to spawn from hell
Are not the work of demons
But reside in our human shells

We all have these inner demons
They twist some more than others
And those more twisted than the rest
Want us to forget we are all sisters and brothers

Conquer, divide and rule
The games that the darkened play
The earth and humanity to them a resource
And they want to keep it just that way

They only get away with this
Because what lies in them lies in us too
Manipulation of fear, greed and hatred
Keeps us from unity, love and truth

But we can fight this as an individual
By working on the darkness in our being
By being in the moment, in the now
And looking out with compassion and new seeing

Everything is sacred
In this day and age
The chance to see the world a new
Through eyes of love not rage

To give each newborn the same chance in life
To grow up to be wise
To see the Earth as everyones home
And not an individuals prize

To see the darkness as a gift
For us to grow from and to learn
On how to work upon our beings
And to help others that darkness burns

Understanding, compassion, forgiveness
Is needed to turn this world around
To stop us individually and collectively
From running life on Earth into the ground

What seems an impossible task at first
Starts with a single choice
To face each moment at a time
And to listen to silences voice

For when we are in our true core
And within it every step we tread
We change the world around us
And realise everything’s sacred.

By Earl Smith