What do we see as sacred
In this day and age
A newborns first touch
A meeting with a wise and old sage

A starlit sparkling sky
Jewels in black above ancient trees
A declaration of love
With sparkling stone on bended knee

But a newborns first moments
life Depends on where it is born
Starvation, disease, and war
Sacred innocence is torn

Meeting with a sage is very rare
And wisdom eludes those in power
As they feed us lies through a screen
Which we absorb hour after hour

The shimmering heavens above
Out of our destructive reach
Yet ancient forests torn asunder
Where the shamans used to teach

Is love anymore elusive
Than it has ever been
People not knowing their inner depths
Before giving shattered egos to another being

But everything is sacred
If we make it so
This existance is a sacred journey A
work in progress as we grow

Being in the moment
Realities nakedness does bloom
Things once hidden right beneath our nose
A new perception we must groom

Away from the traps of ego
And chaos of the mind
In stillness life is as it truly is
New sight and beauty we do find

Sensitivity is heightened
A rawness in how we feel
but do not fear and retreat to your mind
Focus on your breath and keep it real

If we collectively all did this
We all would truly see
Beauty in every moment
Beings just wanting to be free

Free from egos control
Free from suffering and pain
Free to love and help eachother
Free from darknesses chains

But what is it this darkness
Where does it come from
Sucking in light like a black hole
Only emitting all that seems wrong

Fear, suffering, greed, hatred
Reflections of what seem to spawn from hell
Are not the work of demons
But reside in our human shells

We all have these inner demons
They twist some more than others
And those more twisted than the rest
Want us to forget we are all sisters and brothers

Conquer, divide and rule
The games that the darkened play
The earth and humanity to them a resource
And they want to keep it just that way

They only get away with this
Because what lies in them lies in us too
Manipulation of fear, greed and hatred
Keeps us from unity, love and truth

But we can fight this as an individual
By working on the darkness in our being
By being in the moment, in the now
And looking out with compassion and new seeing

Everything is sacred
In this day and age
The chance to see the world a new
Through eyes of love not rage

To give each newborn the same chance in life
To grow up to be wise
To see the Earth as everyones home
And not an individuals prize

To see the darkness as a gift
For us to grow from and to learn
On how to work upon our beings
And to help others that darkness burns

Understanding, compassion, forgiveness
Is needed to turn this world around
To stop us individually and collectively
From running life on Earth into the ground

What seems an impossible task at first
Starts with a single choice
To face each moment at a time
And to listen to silences voice

For when we are in our true core
And within it every step we tread
We change the world around us
And realise everything’s sacred.

By Earl Smith

Status Quo

Status Quo
Status Quo


Status Quo

We can’t go on this way

A voice deep within me says
As our problems grow and grow
We journey blindly, status quo
So many feel deep down inside
Theres something wrong about this ride
With its ups and downs its thrills and spills
We can’t ignore the worlds great ills
So many distractions we all have our blinkers
Except the spirited few and the serious thinkers
Trying to hide from this time bomb on which we all sit
Whilst others get consumed by trying to defuse it
But we all live on this sphere, this Earth
And every minute theres a new birth
So if we cherish the lives we create
We should take of our blinkers before it’s too late
And look around at one another
And try to see ourselves as sister and brother
living side by side on this rock in space
Be human kind to the human race
But extend our hearts to our fellow Earthlings
From the simple cow to the birds that do sing
Because if you think about the scale of the expansive cosmos
Life is so unique and so much more than just us
As soon as we can see the magic in a single flower
We will see the splendor in all life in which we devour
Just think about the atomic and cosmic complexity of a single seed
And you will see the majesty of all things that breathe and do bleed
And with that vision new compassion inside can arise
That can be used to better understand our very own lives
Our place in the cosmos, our place here on Earth
But more importantly our uniqueness our inherent worth
And when you realise how much it took for you to exist
From the death of great stars and the primordial mist
To the heart that’s now beating to the eyes that do see
That we are part of something much greater than the individual me
If we can see all life as equal and all life has a right
Then we can understand others struggles and why some do fight
But true some do fight from ignorance, hate , fear and greed
Yet others fight for justice, desperation and need
Sadly greed is at the root of so much of Earths destruction
From individual desires to elite and corporate corruption
Banking families and corporations with more money than can be spent
They use wealth as a weapon and on power they’re bent
Blinded by greed and separated by fear
Destroying the planet and so much so that many hold dear
Profit is their god and Earth and life just a tool
This is the way of the mad man, the way of the fool
You cannot eat paper money, or digits on a screen
Or breathe profit margins of ventures obscene
Like destroying rain forests and rivers and all life inside
To produce items designed to break down in a set amount of time
They will tell you the problem is population and not the flaws of the system
That has us a slave to the dollar and the masters who print them
They will say it’s over consumption and in part that is true
Yet not mention that the system depends on us buying things new
If we stopped buying products the whole system would crash
But is that the solution? I know it seems rash
Something has to happen, something has to give
Because if we follow the status quo there will be no way to live
The waters will be poisoned and so will the air
It’s happening already but so few seem to care
Food will be scarce , so much already full of chemicals and toxins
That we throw in our body as if with our health we’re experimenting
Cancers and illness in the first world does rise
In the 3rd world starvation and drought, tormented child cries
783 million without clean water, 2.5 billion without clean sanitation
Seems so far away at the moment but is creeping towards our nations
If we turn blindly to the suffering of others, who will then turn to our own
If we keep on destroying Earth at this rate there will be no habitable zones
People say it’s all conspiracy global warming, climate change’s a scam
But it’s clear to see the damage done to Earth by our own human hands
There are no quick solutions, or simple buttons to press
But these are all issues that we must address
We must take of our blinkers and lift up our hearts
Or the very ground that we stand on will fall apart
We need to stop, think and speak to each other
About the challenges we face as sisters and brothers
This Earth is our one and only home, no where else to go
We need to unbuckle from this ride that we call status quo
By Earl Smith